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Frequently Asked Questions in South Side Hampton Roads, VA


How is my Repair Estimate determined?
A factory-trained technician will open your set and perform a professional diagnostic in accordance with the manufacturer's detailed procedures. This is done using special tools & equipment. The repair estimate will be prepared based on flat rate labor charges and the most economically reliable parts available.
Can you give me an estimate without opening the TV?
No, that would be called a guess. Most symptoms can have several different causes, and tests must be performed on the parts involved in order to give you the most accurate repair estimate possible. Not All TV Repair Companies Are The Same.
There are some mobile companies who go out to the house and quote a very high estimate without ever opening the set, or they over-inflate simple repairs. If you find yourself in this situation you may want to get a second opinion from a Qualified Technician before paying too much for your repair.
How long do repairs normally take?
This of course depends on many factors such as age of set, intermittent symptoms, part availability, previous servicers, etc. However, it is our top priority to have your set repaired as quickly as possible, and most are ready in a short amount of time.
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